Kennel Hunterhawk

NUCH Jarnee/JR Just Ain't Misbehavin

Paddy in the fall in Norway

Pedegree and results

Sire: Malung jr Murmar 

: Malung jr Ella Fitz


: September 2010


Patellas healty. Geen tested free from the PLL geen.



scissor bite with all teeth. perfekt saksebitt med fullt tannsett.

28,5 cm








Paddy became champion  only 5 days after his 2 year birthday -( dogs have to be 2 years in norway to become champions=)
2 challenges certificats from australia
1 cac from international show
2 cac from national shows.
1 cacib
1res cac


Several best of breed and group placings in Australia.

Paddy lives With a lovely Family Close to us =)

Paddy is a lovely boy that we was very pleased to get to buy from Marnie, He is lovely in every way, he has a happy look at life and would love to play with everybod all day. His best friend in life is Lily=)

Paddys pedegree in 8 generations:

Paddy at a dog show.

Malung jr Murmar

AuCH  Malung jr Moonshine

AU CH Gayregal Firewater

Auch Nerremen Nugget

Makoolma Jack Moschata

AU UCH  Hocuspocus Persival

Makoolma Jack  Dawn

Malung jr Ella Fitz

Malung jr Meban

AU CH Malung jr Napoleon

Malung jr Caramello

Makoolma Jack Tramp

AU CH Chumcreek jr Silverspike

AU CH  Malung jr Moyra