Kennel Hunterhawk

Ch Ducklings jr just Moonwalk

Moonie in the snow

Moonie 6 months old

Info and pedegree

Sire:  mulit champion Touchstar Oricnocco
Dam: Ducklings jr just boggie
Born : jun 2013

Bite: Scissor bite.all teeth
Høyde/heigth: 29 cm
Farge/colour: hvit/tan
Pels/coat: Broken



Norwegian show champion 

Bob puppy

bos puppy

 BOB adult with cac

BOS adult with cac

6 cac

 Major cac

several res cac

Moonie is co ownd with his breeder Christina in Sweden. Thank you so much for trusting us with him =)

Moonie BOB and BOS both With cac at his first shows only 9 months old. National Terrier Club show and International FCI show.

Moonie 4 months old