Kennel Hunterhawk

Hunter Hawk Moet Imperial Rose

chelsea aprox 10 weeks.

Pedegree and info

Father: Multichampion Goldsand Colombus
Mother: Ducklings jr just Chilli
Born: april 2011
Health: Geen tested free from the PLL geen.
Shows: Several best bitch as a puppy.
1 cac and best female
Res cacib
bob junior
several ck
res cac

Chelsea lives With a lovely Family Close to us =) she has a big grandhouse in the city center With a big garden and a big farm in the countryside =)

Cib Multi champion Goldsand Colombus

De og VDHch, int ch such, nuch, nv06,sv07 Saltisgårdens Snille o smak

Int ch such Baylock Tooheys Gold

Such sv04 Otwaymist Sapphire

Such Brøsings Australian Ivory

Auch Malung Jr John Denver

Auch such Beaconway Hot to trott

Ducklings jr just Chilli

ch Salto

Int ch such Baylock Tooheys Gold

Wolfhouse Ukulelle

Jarnee/jr just a Matilda

Auch Jarnee/jr just a smudge

Jarnee/jr just Marilla

We also has keept her litter brother Harry in a coownership and her other litter brother Vinnie has been exported to USA to vet Candace Lundin. Both Harry and Vinnie has been best of breed or best of oposit. Vinnie is also placed in group and show in both Norway and USA.

You can read more about Vinnie here: