Kennel Hunterhawk

Nyheter fra 2021

Bee på stranden.

Vi har valper

Herlig valpekull født i slutten av september. Kontakt oss på med presentasjon av deg selv om du er interessert I valp fra oss. 

2020 /2021

The year started suksessfull, then covid hit us and after that we have had family time 🙂 4 litters born this spring/summer , all lovely healthy puppies. We plan New litters of winter/spring 2021. 

Hunter Hawk 2019/2020

If you are interessted in a puppy from us please email us

2019 has been a wonderfull year with new champions,  several best in show winners both individuelt and breeders team.  But most important many familys have new lovely Jrt puppies from us  2020 started as a good sucsess, but due to covid19 we have had a few calm months now.  Now we are looking forward to 2021.