Kennel Hunterhawk

Ducklings jr Just Geoffery

Tomten at a show 12 monts old.

Pedegree and results

Sire: Such Carisbrook Chester
Dam: Jarnee jr just a  Jillaro
Born: July 2010
Health: Patellas healty. Eays ok Eveco
Bite: scissor bite  perfekt saksebitt
Høyde: 31 cm
Pels: broken
Farge: hvit/tan

3 exellent

Other: Exellent with children, puppies and other dogs. Loves to swimm, work and is always a very happy dog.

Owners: Kennel Hunterhawk and Kennel Ducklings.

Such Carisbrook Chester

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Jarnee/Jr Just Jillaroo

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